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Personnel issues emerged and resolved through conflict management. Operational inefficiencies were brought to light and corrected through facilitated joint tiger team endeavors.

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Community Economic Development

Increased business performance and profits with increased recruitment and retention rates.

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Financial Services

The Information System (IS) were deemed unsatisfactory and an appropriate IS strategy was proposed and implemented through which to overcome those issue areas.

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Real Estate

Institute both individual and organizational coaching to facilitate team concepts across the company to holistically improved performance.

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Employees shown the new technology would promote growth within the company and their positions were not in jeopardy. Employees embraced the technological change initiative.

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Facilitate cross-functional team to study the problem, develop and implement solutions then use feedback to ensure objectives were achieved.

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    The Consortium of Scientific Practitioners


    • Based out of the Northern Virginia/Washington DC Metro Area
    • Verified by the Veteran Affairs as a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business
    • Designed for worldwide consulting to meet our client’s needs


    • Unleashing the tiger in individuals, leaders, teams, organizations, and communities!
    • Enabling one’s fullest potential through coaching and mentorship!
    • Delivering data-driven solutions!
    • Creating high-performance organizations of the future, now!
    • Optimizing organizational performance through understanding the systemic and dynamic nature of Human Capital!

    Vision: Creating viable, personalized solutions for leaders, individuals, teams, organizations, and communities by first understanding!

    Mission: Accelerating leaders, individuals, teams, organizations, and communities toward their vision and mission achievement!

    Value Added Proposition: The Consortium is a firm looking for leaders, individuals, teams, organizations, and communities having needs or issues inhibiting the achievement of their vision and mission. We use our copyrighted Individual, Team, or Organizational Action Research system to partner with clients and thus create and implement viable, personalized solutions!