The Consortium of Scientific Practitioners exists to help people, team, organizations, and communities overcome those obstacles inhibiting their performance levels.

To achieve this, we work with our clients to first understand then determine their needs. To understand, we utilized our unique and copyrighted Individual, Team, and Organization Action Research™ system©.

The Consortium provides a long-term, personalized and dedicated service helping our clients achieve their full potential.  Our clients deserve the success they desire!


  • Communication Management / Strategist
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Executive Coaching / Mentorship
  • Meeting Facilitation / Conflict Management
  • Organizational, Team, and Individual Assessments
  • Organizational Management / Development
  • Operational Management / Analysis
  • Personnel Management / Development
  • Personnel Recruitment / Selection / Retention
  • Portfolio / Project / Program Management
  • Process Management / Development
  • Profit / Loss Management
  • Risk Management / Mitigation
  • Strategic Operational Planning
  • Team Management / Development