Community Economic Development

Task: Improve the community economic status by further instantiating the community business environment.

Challenge: Ownership and buy in of the methodology from both the community and business leaders.

Solution: Use a mixed method approach of assessing the community and business environment; determine where the least amount of resistance with the most amount to gain existed; build trust and alignment through effective outreach.

Results: Increased business performance and profits with increased recruitment and retention rates.

Financial Services

Task: Develop and implement an improved Information System (IS) strategy.

Challenge: Some senior management considered the current IS portfolio as adequate.

Solution: A qualitative approach defining the IS problem and the solution.

Results: The IS were deemed unsatisfactory and an appropriate IS strategy was proposed and implemented through which to overcome those issue areas.


Task: Instill technological change.

Challenge: People resist change.

Solution: Objectively depict the assembly line using the new technology out produced the other assembly line.


    • Employees shown the new technology would promote growth within the company and their positions were not in jeopardy.
    • Employees embraced the technological change initiative.


Task: Repair effectiveness and efficiency post strike.

Challenge: Low trust between management and employees.

Solution: Assess the organization, the leaders, and the employees to create understanding.


    • Personnel issues emerged and resolved through conflict management.
    • Operational inefficiencies were brought to light and corrected through facilitated joint tiger team endeavors.

Real Estate

Task: Assess the performance levels of the brokerage office and the independent consulting agents

Challenge: No known issues.

Solution: Institute both individual and organizational coaching endeavors to facilitate team concepts across the company.

Results: Improved holistically the performance of the company.


Task: Improve quality of products and service delivery time.

Challenge: People resist change.

Solution: Facilitate cross-functional team comprised of managers across the company to study the problem, develop and implement solutions then use feedback to ensure objectives were achieved.

Results: Improved customer relationships.



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