Today’s business owner with their start up business organizations have immense pressure both internally and externally. One pressure, and there are many, is how to realize controlled growth while increasing revenue to stay afloat.

Some inhibitors to controlled growth while increasing revenue are in the form of people, processes, technology, physical infrastructure, and finances.

What is keeping you from achieving your business goals associated with realizing controlled growth and increasing revenue?

If you are asking yourself this question or should be asking it to yourself, what can you do?

Call the Consortium of Scientific Practitioners!

Dr. Simmie A. Adams

Dr Simmie Adams

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Known as Doc Simmie, he is an organizational psychologist with a wide breadth and depth of coaching, consulting, and contracting experience. He and the Consortium Team are experts in aiding small businesses to realize controlled growth and increased revenue.

The Consortium Team offers a concrete process on how small businesses achieve organizational and individual high performance in the form of business growth and productivity. This process includes:

  • Supporting, by providing an encouraging, adaptive approach emphasizing strengths and coping strategies to facilitate effective problem solving and decision-making.
  • Challenging, by questioning assumptions, beliefs, and expectations, including the ones held firmly but not validated and acting as a sounding board.
  • Confronting, by bringing the business owner’s attention to and directly identifying obstacles and minefields as well as overused strengths and cognitive-behavioral-emotional obstacles to optimize organizational and individual high performance.
  • Advising, by suggesting and/or exploring alternative actions based on knowledge of best business practices to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Teaching, by training business owners and their employees as well as organizational leaders and the organization’s workforce on using new skills and different frameworks to help them achieve their goals and succeed in new situations.

We take a 360-degree focus on organizational and individual issues using our knowledge base of operational and human capital environments at all levels to deliver our clients’ desired results.

The Consortium Team’s understanding of organizational and human cognitions-behaviors-emotions allows us to take on tough clients with even tougher situations. Do not take our word for it; our results speak louder.

Let us partner together to:

Unleash your Tiger!
To achieve organizational and individual high performance.