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    Books by Dr. Adams

    Dr. Adams has extensive experience ranging from direct supervisor to senior-level leadership positions. This experience has created a wealth of information to draw upon in the development, implementation, and measurement of performance oriented Business and Training Plans derived from strategic guidance. His experience includes organizational development, change management, human capital management, as well as strategic planning and communications. He has strong organizational development and leadership abilities and has extensive experience in coaching, mentoring, and training personnel. He has strong communication skills as well as the ability to visualize issues, determine solutions, and implement decisions. He has led efforts in analyzing communications, conducting executive interviews, researching industry best practices as well as examining project issues and risks to develop performance driven strategies. In conclusion, Dr. Adams has proven abilities in collecting and analyzing complex information to develop strategies aimed at both achieving effective transformation and desired results. His 360-degree focus on organizational issues groomed his organic knowledge base in operational and human capital environments at all levels. He personifies the One-Team approach in helping organizations develop strategies, which includes business and communication plans, aimed at supporting their workforces in effective transformation. He is an accomplished leader and a consummate professional who works from a data-driven, solution-focused, action-oriented, results-driven paradigm.

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